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BMWwoody 25 Mar 2014
Like many used car dealers, they'll use the "What can I do to have you buy this car today?" and "Let me talk with my manager." and "Come talk to the manager" So you go through that routine, but where wouldn't you? It's a used car dealer. I bought an 11 year old BMW 3 series Sport Package and they me a fair, not great, deal on my trade in 3series wagon. I love this Sport Package model. I owned one previously and found one with below average miles at WBM. I brought it next door to Arlington Auto Care where they have a healthy skepticism of used car dealers. AAC did a pre-purchase inspection for under a hundred bucks and gave it a thorough going-over which resulted in a thumbs up. I can't stress enough, ALWAYS pay an unrelated auto repair place to do a PPI. The last 3 series Sport I had inspected (private seller in Richmond) revealed over $4,000 in needed repair so I walked away. WBM's Bimmer checked out fine. The sunroof was broken. WBM manager included free repair in the sale contract. I brought it back for the repair and it turned out they needed to order and install a whole new motor...which they did a week later AT NO COST. When it's time to replace this car, I would definitely come back to WBM. Show more
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Sean Ellis 21 Jun 2019
So my story is I live in Southwest Va and not many people have my dream car that I always wanted, which was a Scion FRS. I was looking for months to get the best deal and quality of the car. When I saw these gentlemen on I was a little hesitant to go down there since it was a 4 hour driv...e for me. But when I got down there they were really down to earth and really cared for me as a person, not just a money bag with a fat check in my hand. They went over the car all around and THEN they let me test drive it. Which made me feel good to know they want to make sure I knew they cared to sell me a nice mechanically sound car. Which it is!! Mannnn the ride back was fun as can be and smooth too. Their pricing was great for my budget. Tony, the sales manager here, was great. Now I can use that extra money to add all kinds of accessories to soup that baby up!! So thank you WBM for making my dream come true! Show more
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The Walkers 21 Feb 2014
We purchased a 08 BMW 650I from WBM and we love it. The process was very smooth and the customer service was excellent. We will definitely recommend this dealership to family and friends. Louis and Cheryl Walker.
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Jon P. Scott 28 Jan 2014
WBM Motors is a great place to buy a car hands down. Excellent customer service, top of the line cars and unbeatable prices. These guys really went the extra mile to make sure that my buying experience for my '07 BMW M6 was a great one. Being a former car salesman for high line products, I know what... a thing or two when it comes to the car business. It also helps if you know what you want and to do your research first. It makes the car buying experience much better. These guys get an 'A' in my book. i have had my 'beast for four months and so far, no problems. I am very pleased. If the gentleman at WBM continue to provide great service, sell great cars and go the extra mile for its customers, they will soon become Washington areas #1 place to buy a car. Show more
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"Wayne" 31 Dec 2013
Our son's Lexus GS300 was on it's last leg. We needed an affordable and reliable used car. We located a fully loaded low mileage 2011 Toyota Camry at "WBM of Arlington" priced well below other dealerships in the Tri State area. We called "WBM of Arlington" and spoke with Antonio who confirmed the we saw was correct. Being the skeptics we are, we thought this was a trick. We totally expected the price to change once the purchase process began, but it never did. We were expecting hidden fees, but they never came. It's also worth noting, we started the purchase process at 6pm Monday night, my son was driving the car off the lot on Tuesday morning. Antonio and the sales staff at "WBM of Arlington" were extremely informative and accommodating which made the purchase process both simple and pleasant. From now on "WBM of Arlington" will be my family's first choice when purchasing cars. Thank you Antonio, for delivering the exact car we wanted at the advertised price. Wayne Show more
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Jorge E. 27 Dec 2013
When i whent to the dealer they help me with all my questions., they are very nice people and very helpfully. People
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Chadwick Conry 07 Apr 2019
Great experience, this is my 2nd vehicle from WBM. IM A REPEAT CUSTOMER 4 years ago I purchased a Jeep Cherokee from the team at WBM, I put 100k miles on that Jeep with no major issues. I was looking to trade up, so went back to WBM and found a 2008 Chevy Tahoe. It was in great condition, needed... a few minor things but Tony at WBM made sure it was taken care of for me before I left. MY SALES TEAM I dealt with Alfonso (sorry buddy if I spelled it wrong) and Tony - the final Finance guy in the back office. Both Salesmen were on point, I feel like they were upfront and honest, compared to some of the Virginia used car dealerships I went to. I had to bring the Tahoe back for a window motor repair, and they were quick to give it fix, no hassles. THE EXTENDED WARRANTY I did get sold the Preffered Warranty extended warranty, now honestly I am super sceptical about those kinds of things, but I went ahead and trusted what Tony said - that if anything were to go wrong the warranty would cover it. I took the Tahoe to the local shop and they told me it needed new wheel bearing hubs, about $1,100 job - well low and behold, the warranty I purchased covered all of it, no questions asked. I dont blame WBM for the wheel hubs, the Tahoe is 11 years old and needed a little TLC like any older vehicle would. MY OVERALL EXPERIENCE Honestly these guys are awesome - I give a shout out to Tony for my good experience and closing the deal. Im not sure why they get negative reviews. I would recommend them and I would use them for my next purchase. I feel like I was treated fair and the guys were honest. I got a great car at a great deal and could not be happier. Thanks guys - ill see you for my next vehicle. Chadwick Show more
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Happy customer 06 Dec 2013
Anthony farrari has been very helpful and a great salesperson even though he seemed more like a friend than anything. He made sure I received the best deal and care. I felt comfortable and safe knowing that I wasn't getting ripped off. I have already took the liberty of recommending 4 of my friends WBM. :) I love my car I love the service I received and I'm glad I came here to purchase my car. Show more
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Mr. D 22 Nov 2013
If you're looking for a mirror image of the bmw dealership, you're in the wrong place. If you're looking for great prices, they can certainly be found here. I can't speak for all of the salesman or all of the cars, but what I can say is that I believe I got a great deal. Time will tell, for sure, bu...t the service from my sales associate, Sam, was great. His manager, Tony, was flexible and reasonable. Stayed after hours to process my order and secured amenities I believe to be a standard with good service. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase, WBM, and the employees that assisted me. Show more
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James 22 Nov 2013
I had an excellent car buying experience with Victor Ferrari and the Manager Ali. Mr. Ferrari was very professional and knowledgeable throughout the process. After looking at many other dealerships, this place was the only one with the best deals I could find. I am very pleased with the service and ...will definitely recommend this place to my friends. Show more
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