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LG 08 Oct 2016
Antonio made the entire process smooth and easy for me to purchase my car. He made sure I understood everything and how the process will work. Everyone was nice and friendly. He made sure he had the car I wanted ready for me when I arrived. If you are looking for a new or used car I recommend going... to WBM. Antonio was GREAT! Show more
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Allen J. Claiborne 01 Oct 2016
Mr. Antonio Ferrari was awesome this is my 5th car I purchased from this dealership need I say more!
5 rate
Tiffany G 23 Sep 2016
Antonio Ferrari was so professional when I came to look at the car I was interested in. He took the time to answer my questions and explained everything in detail to me. I had no complaints about anything and he made my process painless! Everyone at the dealership was friendly and respectful.
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Vincent Thomas 17 Sep 2016
Being 54 I have bought a few cars in my day this was by far the optimum level of service
5 rate
Tim S. 07 Sep 2016
Purchased a used BMW from WBM of Arlington after locating the car I wanted on line. The people at WBM were timely, courteous and professional. I believe the price of the car was very fair, especially after considering what other dealers in the east and Midwest were asking.
4 rate
Ad K., Bowie, MD 08 Aug 2016
After reading some good & some bad reviews on WBM, I decided check out a CLK they had for sale. I'm always a little skeptical with VA dealerships but I checked the CarFax out and had the car inspected by my mechanic. Harun the sales manager & Fransisco were very helpful, not overly pushy. Ev...en tho I ended up not buying the car (for my own reasons because nothing was wrong with it) I would definitely look to this dealership to purchase another vehicle. Show more
4 rate
jorge cordero 23 May 2016
this is mi second time i buy a car in this dealer , Antonio do a really good job, i was with mi litlle boy ,he do all the process fast and easy for me, i recomended this dealer to everbody. I buy the car as is but a week later little sound on the brake, i call Antonio and he told me stop byth e, the mechanic fix free of charges , Thanks guys for a good job, see you next car Show more
5 rate
TM 11 May 2016
I purchased a 2007 Acura TL from Antonio and Paul. The car was fresh to their inventory so it had a little prep to be done prior to sale. They had a mechanic on site who took care of everything. Car needed new front tires. Paul adjusted the price a bit to accommodate the new tires. He even had the m...echanic put new brakes on the car. The car was clean, deal was fair, I was happy. The car passed Maryland inspection after I bought the tires. Antonio had the paperwork done in no time. Good experience. Carfax couldn't tell me if the timing belt had been changed. Had it done. My mechanic said the car was in great shape. Show more
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Bolfran 12 Apr 2016
Very good services and team Work good good good good good good good good good good
5 rate
Robert P. 10 Apr 2016
I've been looking for a very specific BMW for the past 2 years or so. About 3 months ago, on, I came across what seemed to be the exact car I've been searching for. A black BMW 335xi M sport with every option I wanted, low miles, and a low price. I've seen similar cars while searching, but ...this one was much cheaper than any other one I've come across. My immediate thought was "Ok, what's wrong with it...?" I analyzed every single photo of the car, examined the Carfax for any red flags, and triple checked the description for any signs of previous accidents, etc. I still couldn't believe they were selling a perfectly good car for that low of a price, so I decided to hire a professional to inspect the vehicle. *Side note: I live in Wisconsin, which is about 900 miles away from the dealership. Therefore, I couldn't inspect the vehicle myself* The day after I hired the inspector (he's not affiliated with WBM in any way), he sent me a 3 page report that included the condition of nearly every part of the car. He thoroughly inspected the engine, hoses, belts, gas tank, suspension, wheels, brakes, rotors, lights, seats, etc... Much to my surprise everything was either in good or excellent condition. The next day I emailed Antonio Ferrari to schedule a test drive. I was very nervous that I'd drive halfway across the country and something would go wrong, like they'd try to low-ball me on my trade in, or some hidden fees would magically pop up or something. I ended up taking a leap of faith and I drove 900 miles to go buy a car that I'd never even seen in person. Even though I arrived a day later than intended, everything was ready to go when I showed up. Antonio pulled the car around and I test drove it. The car was perfect. After the test drive we went inside and started going over the paperwork. Antonio explained every single sheet of paper I had to sign and he wasn't pushy at all. Everyone was very laid back and professional. After I signed the paperwork I was brought into a separate room with an employee named Tony Johnson. This is the part of buying a car that is usually very uncomfortable because it's where they try to push all sorts of warranties and extra vehicle protection on you in order to get more money out of you. Tony went over an extended warranty plan with me that my car qualified for, and he asked if I'd like to consider buying it. After weighing my options I decided not to buy it. And that was that. He didn't try to change my mind or try to make me feel stupid for my decision. He simply moved on to talk about my trade in. We had discussed the trade in value over the phone a day or two earlier, and he kept his word on how much it would be worth. I was in a position where they knew I wasn't going to drive my old car 900 miles back to Wisconsin, so I was very worried they'd try to use that to their advantage by offering me less that it was worth. They offered me what it was worth and everything worked out great. I've had the car now for over a month, and I purposely waited to write this review so that I could talk about their customer service after the sale, and the condition of the car a month later. I'm happy to say that WBM of Arlington's customer service is fantastic. I've had a few questions about my title/registration and all I had to do was send an email to Jeremie Torres (he handles the title/registration for the cars) and he immediately replied with all the answers. He couldn't have been more helpful. As for the condition of the car, it is still in perfect condition and there hasn't been a single problem with it since the day I bought it. I couldn't be happier. In summary, Antonio Ferrari, Tony Johnson, and Jeremie Torres were great to work with and I got my dream car for way less money than I could find anywhere else. If you're thinking about buying a car from WBM of Arlington, just do it! Show more
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